Why Outdoors?

Sonny's Farm regeneratively farmed lamb
At Sonny’s Farm, we are very passionate about keeping our animals outdoors, just the way nature intended. Our mission is to give our animals the best lives possible, far away from feedlots and cages. We think that putting their welfare first has a number of important outcomes.

Improved Health
Our animals are raised outdoors and access to fresh air and natural sunlight, which can help to improve their overall health. They are also able to move around more freely and engage in natural behaviors, which can help to prevent illness and disease. Given the right amount of room to graze, root and wallow, peck, and move freely, our animals have the ability to exercise and rest in tandem with their natural tendencies.

Better Nutrition
Animals raised outdoors have access to a more varied diet, which can help to improve their nutrition. They are able to forage for food, eat grass, and other natural vegetation, which can provide a wider range of nutrients than the diets of animals kept in feedlots. Their freedom also allows them to build lean muscle mass, which provides healthy protein in your diets.

Reduced Stress
Animals raised outdoors experience less stress than those raised in confined spaces. They are able to move around freely, socialize with other animals, and engage in natural behaviors, which can help to reduce stress levels and improve their overall welfare. For example, our chickens dust bathe, which is a natural behavior to keep pests from bothering them and allows them to engage in a social activity, which is only possible if they have the ability to move freely in fresh pastures.

We believe that raising animals outdoors is a more ethical way to produce meat and eggs. Our animals are offered the ability to live their best lives in accordance with our commitment to their welfare and the quality of their lives.

Environmental Benefits
By raising our animals outdoors, we are not only improving their lives, but we are regenerating the soil, air, and water. Each of our animals plays a key role in improving the plant life on our farm, by grazing on grass and other natural vegetation, producing manure to enrich the soil, which can help to improve soil health, reduce erosion, and sequester carbon.

Our commitment to outdoors always is a more humane and sustainable way to produce meat and eggs. Our outdoor-raised animals are healthier, more content, and have a better quality of life than those raised in confined spaces.
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