Our Values

Our regenerative farming techniques uphold the following values. We strive to embody these tenets in everything we do.

Animals First

Healthy animals – healthy you.

We have a strong commitment to protect and nurture our animals. In appreciation of the nourishment they provide to us, we want them to live the way nature intended, in the best environment, given the best care. One small example of this is our commitment to let our animals age and develop naturally, without the intervention of growth hormones. We truly believe that the way you treat animals in your care is a reflection of your values and your humanity.

Nature Led

We strive to work within the confines of nature’s guidelines. We have deep respect for our animals’ individualities and their distinct physiological needs and preferences. Whether or not following these practices is easier for us, we work hard to allow our animals to live the lives that nature intended for them.   

Healing our Soil

Sonny's Farm rich soil close up

We believe that one of the important goals of regenerative farming is enriching and protecting our topsoil. This valuable resource is one of most precious keys to natural life on earth, and each living organism has a crucial part to play, whether microorganisms, plants, or animals. Our fields are planted with diverse grasses and cover crops, leaving no bare soil exposed to wind or water erosion. We do not till our soil, allowing it to retain its integrity, even while planting. Our grasses and grazing crops are left free from pesticides and herbicides, allowing the soil to become enriched through our animals’ limited grazing and natural fertilizers.


It's easy to lose trust in food providers today. Beautiful pictures do not accurately portray the conditions in which animals are raised. We are so appreciative of the trust our customers place in us to provide nourishing foods and follow the practices we state. It is our commitment to you that what we say, we do. We do not take short cuts, even when striving for the highest quality challenges us to work harder.  

Quest for Excellence

Beyond providing our community with ethically raised meats and proteins, we want to offer you high-quality products that you and your loved ones will truly savor. We believe that if we raise our animals well and feed them their natural diets, letting them roam and build lean muscle and healthy fat, that the resulting meat will delight your taste buds. It is our goal to offer you the best dining experience possible, through responsible, natural farming methods.

Investing in our Community

We value our communities and look for new ways to serve and connect with you. From working with local butchers to partnering with local breeders and suppliers, we love to collaborate with those who share our values and invest in our local community. Our farm team delights in meeting with you at our local shops and our farmers markets to learn your stories and why you have chosen our meat to nourish your families.