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Nature doesn't rely on pesticides, antibiotics, or GMOs— and
neither do we. Our holistic approach to farm management is dedicated to raising animals in the healthiest natural conditions.


  • I exclusively purchase meat from local farms and ranches and Sonny's Farm is really some of the BEST quality meat our family has had in a long time. Also their bacon is the best bacon ever!!! I would highly recommend supporting this amazing team of farmers and the incredible practices they believe in.

    Mary M.

  • Absolutely phenomenal! I have completely changed my shopping habits to purchasing from Sonny's. Delivery straight to the doorstep and the quality is fantastic.

    Julie R.

  • We love Sonny's Farm! The meat is fabulously delicious and the customer service is very personable and friendly and knowledgeable. We love that the meat is beyond organic and they don't use any vaccines or antibiotics on the animals. Now we can eat pork again!

    Carolyn D.

  • We could not be more happy with the customer service and the meat and eggs we buy here! The beef, chicken and pork are the best we’ve ever tried!
    We are so happy to support such a fantastic local farm and it feels good knowing where our meat comes from, and that the animals are living their best lives in the pasture all year long! We absolutely love Sonny’s Farm and can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in the future!

    Jena L.

  • My wife and I have gone here several times and from a carnivore myself, it is the best meat I have ever had!!! We are forever customers! Amazing customer service and product.

    Dale R.

  • Responsible, regenerative farming right in Rescue, CA. Very excited to see them doing it right so close to home! This is the spot for the highest quality animal products in the area. Would recommend.

    Eric S.

  • Great customer service, quick delivery, and AMAZING quality tasting meats.

    Emilia V.

  • I am so excited to have a local place to purchase chicken, and other meats from!
    The people there are pretty darn great, too so that is a win-win in my book! I love supporting local people doing amazing things.


  • Everyone should get the
    bacon. Best bacon ever!


    Sonny's Farm - Pastured Pork Bacon 
  • Just want to let you know your meat is excellent. Me and my lady have made some burgers and stews and the beef flavor is so pure. You can tell these animals have clean, natural diets. 

    Brian K.

White faced Wagyu Cross beef cow on Sonny's Farm


We practice regenerative agriculture to provide you with the best food nature has to offer. In working in harmony with nature and mimicking nature's process, regenerative agriculture has the power to reverse climate change, build healthy soil, create habitat, and heal our bodies.

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Close up of fertile soil at Sonny's Farm


Why Regenerative?

Regenerative farming focuses on soil health. In practicing regenerative agriculture, we have committed to enriching the land rather than exploiting it.

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