About Us

Wagyu cross grass-fed regenerative farmed beef grazing on green pastures on Sonny's Farm in California.

 It all started with the idea to give our family dog, Sonny, what every dog deserves: the wind in his ears, rich soil beneath his paws, and nature’s nourishing energy. Built from a love for community, healthy food, and creating abundance together, Sonny’s Farm strives to liberate nature’s power to heal the land, its animals, and our bodies. Life thrives when you let nature lead the way.

Sustainability and renewal are important values to our team. We have long felt that traditional commercial farming practices, especially meat production, left a lot to be desired. Unfortunately, many of the certified organic practices are only marginally better for the environment and the animals involved.

Beyond the nutritional content of the food we consume and the quality of the lives of animals, we are conscious of farming’s impact on our soil. We discovered comprehensive research that proposed that modern farming techniques are contributing to a dangerous decline into desertification, even in regions with adequate rainfall. We are grateful to have learned from the many pioneers in regenerative farming, including Allan Savory, Gabe Brown, and Joel Salatin. These leaders all promote the idea that we must embrace regenerative farming and rethink the modern conventions of using pesticides to grow single crops, and welcome a new method that celebrates natural biodiversity of plant and insect life, and includes the intervention of livestock, for rich soil with high carbon and nitrogen captures.