Our Team

Two farmers from Sonny's Farm walking through cow pasture


At Sonny's Farm, we pride ourselves on being a team of passionate individuals who are dedicated to sustainable agriculture and fostering a healthy ecosystem. 

Our team is composed of experienced farmers, a former craft butcher, and many passionate individuals who work together daily to drive towards our mission of producing the most nutritious, delicious meats while regenerating our soils and ecology. From planting cover crops to carefully selecting the heritage breeds we raise, we strive to improve the soil health and biodiversity of our farm. 

Our farmers work closely with nature to cultivate a variety of crops using regenerative techniques such as rotational grazing and no-till planting. We raise a diverse range of animals, including chickens, cows, lambs, and pigs, that are free to graze on our pastures and contribute to the overall health of our soil. 

We are proud of our team and the work that we do to promote sustainable agriculture, our local community, and a healthier planet.  


Feel free to contact us or view our current job listings if you would like to learn more about joining Sonny’s Farm at our California or Florida locations.