Water is Life

Lake at Sonny's Farm

At Sonny's Farm, our regenerative farming practices are designed to promote healthy soil, which we believe will in turn help to reduce runoff water, retain the moisture in our soil, and preserve topsoil. Runoff water leads to erosion, pollution, and the loss of valuable topsoil, which is essential for growing healthy crops. 

Runoff water occurs when rainwater or irrigation water flows over the soil surface and carries away soil particles, nutrients, and other pollutants. This can lead to soil erosion and the loss of valuable topsoil. Our regenerative farming practices, including rotational grazing, no-till, and our policy to avoid bare earth year round, can help to reduce runoff water by promoting healthy soil structure and organic matter content. Our cattle and lambs’ grazing practices provide short term stress to the grasses and cover crops, which promotes deep root growth, without killing the plants through over-grazing. These deep root structures in turn attract healthy microbes and help the soil retain organic matter, making it richer and healthier. Healthy soil absorbs water more efficiently, which reduces the amount of water that runs off the surface. 

Soil water retention is another important aspect of Sonny's Farm's regenerative farming. Soil water retention refers to the ability of the soil to hold onto water and make it available to plants. Healthy soil retains more water, which minimizes or eliminates the need for irrigation and helps plants to grow more efficiently. Our farming practices improve soil water retention by promoting healthy soil structure, increasing soil organic matter content, and reducing soil compaction. 

Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil and is essential for growing healthy crops. Topsoil contains the majority of soil organic matter and soil nutrients, which are essential for plant growth. However, topsoil is also the most vulnerable layer of soil and can be easily lost through erosion or runoff water. Our regenerative farming practices preserve topsoil by promoting healthy soil structure, increasing soil organic matter content, reducing soil compaction, and reducing the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. 

By promoting healthy soil structure and increasing organic matter content, regenerative farming operations like ours at Sonny's Farm can reduce runoff water, improve soil water retention, and preserve valuable topsoil. We believe that our farming practices can enrich the topsoil, prevent erosion, while improving the water retention of our soil, and protecting the purity of our local waterways. 

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