Thanksgiving at the Farm

Sonny's Farm team celebrating Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving at the farm this year was particularly special. We raised our own turkeys, which were the centerpieces of our feast. One of our farmers woke up at 3 a.m. to start the smoker for these exceptionally large birds, which were basted in our rendered pork lard. 

Sonny's Farm regeneratively farmed turkey

Sonny's Farm team member carves regeneratively farmed turkeyOur Thanksgiving meal included vegetable sides, potatoes, fresh greens, and herb seasonings from our garden, raised regeneratively with natural compost from our kitchens, pollinated by our honeybees. 



In many ways, this Thanksgiving has been a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the milestones our team has achieved. We have been able to connect with our communities on both coasts in more meaningful ways, building closer relationships with individual members of the community, businesses, restaurants, and more. 

Our farms have grown significantly as well. This Thanksgiving, we shared our meal in our new community center - designed by one of our farm team members - which will serve as a gathering place and office for our Sonny's Farm team in Florida.

This year, we have launched several new products, experimented with new sausage recipes, introduced new animals to each property, and built new structures to last for years to come. 

Centerpiece for Sonny's Farm ThanksgivingFrom our farm family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays. We wish the end of your year to be merry and bright.



Sonny's Farm team celebrates ThanksgivingSonny's Farm team celebrates ThanksgivingSonny's Farm team celebrates Thanksgiving






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