Pickle Brine for Pastured Chicken

At Sonny’s Farm, we believe in sustainability. This value is at the heart of everything we do. In this recipe, we like to use leftover pickle juice as a tenderizing brine to bring out the best flavor in your fried chicken. 

When you are nearing the end of a jar of pickles, we invite you to save the leftover brine to tenderize and impart intense flavors to your chicken before preparing it using your favorite fried chicken recipe. The tangy, juicy, and sweet flavors of the chicken perfectly offset the rich, crunchy crust. 


Pickle Brine 

Pickles for pickle brined chicken

1-2 cups of leftover pickle juice  

1 package of Pastured Chicken ThighsPastured Chicken Drumsticks, or Pastured Chicken Wings

  1. Add the chicken to an airtight container with the pickle juice, ensuring that the chicken is coated evenly with the brine. 
  2. Store the chicken in the brine for 1-3 hours, brining smaller pieces such as the wings or drumsticks for shorter times.  
  3. Remove and pat dry before preparing with your favorite fried chicken recipe. 
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