Our Turkeys have Arrived

Sonny's Farm regeneratively farmed turkeys
This year, we decided to experiment with raising regeneratively farmed heritage turkeys for the holiday season. The new turkey hatchlings arrived recently and are currently basking in our poultry incubators before they are released into open pasture. This area is heated to provide a comfortable and warm environment for the young turkeys. They are provided with clean water, specially formulated feed, and protection from predators. We plan on keeping them in these incubators for the next few weeks until the young turkeys are strong enough to enjoy life in the pasture.

Next, our young turkeys will be to our outdoor pasture. These pastures are spacious and allow the turkeys to roam and forage freely. They will have access to fresh air, sunlight, and a diverse range of vegetation, insects, and other natural food sources. This environment promotes natural behaviors and contributes to the development of healthier and more flavorful meat.

Our turkeys will have the opportunity to forage freely for a significant portion of their diet. They consume a variety of grasses, seeds, bugs, and other plants found in the pasture. Additionally, we will provide supplemental non-GMO, corn and soy free feed to ensure our turkeys receive a balanced diet and meet their nutritional requirements.

As our turkeys thrive in our pastures, they continue to grow and develop. They gradually gain weight and develop strong muscles through regular exercise and natural movement. Because we are not injecting them with growth hormones and allowing them free-range to exercise and forage naturally, these turkeys take their time to mature compared to conventional methods.

Throughout their lifecycle, our pasture-raised turkeys will benefit from a more natural and less confined environment, resulting in a better, healthier life for them, all while providing you and your family with a superior holiday turkey.
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