Our Pastured Pork

Sonny's Farm pastured heritage pigsOur rare heritage hogs fill their bellies with all the delicious seeds, acorns, apples, grasses, and legumes they can find in the shaded areas of our pasture, in addition to our non-GMO, soy and corn free species appropriate feed. We raise our pigs to follow their instincts— carefree and in the sunshine.

We selected our heritage breeds because of their superior taste. These hogs are leaner and heartier than commercially raised pigs, generally reaching maturity in a “torpedo” shape indicative of a perfect balance of toned muscle and marbled fat. Because of their natural diets, supplemented with wild fruits and acorns, these hogs produce a sweeter, more flavorful pork.

Our pastured pork has significantly higher levels of vitamins E and D, less saturated fat and more heart-healthy polyunsaturated fats than commercially raised pork. Because our hogs are more active and have more room to range and wallow, our pork has higher levels of protein for essential muscle support.

These heritage hogs play an important part in the regenerative process. Their natural movement and wallowing disturbs the soil and promotes a controlled, natural disruption to the ecosystem.

Corn & Soy Free | Non-GMO | Antibiotic & Hormone Free 

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