Our Pastured Chicken

Sonny's Farm pastured free-range chickens.Our chickens roam and forage on pasture all day, every day of their lives. They eat an intuitive and species-appropriate diet of insects, grasses, grains and seeds, while fluffing their feathers in the sunny, crisp outdoors - nature’s best medicine.

Chicken is one of the most popular, healthy proteins. This meat is a staple in most cultures’ cuisine and the star of numerous recipes. Our pastured chickens lay nutritious eggs, have lower cholesterol levels, have lower levels of saturated fats, higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, more beta-carotene, and more Vitamins A and E.

Our chickens play an essential role in our regenerative farming practices. They follow our cows and sheep with a three-day delay in their rotational schedules, in order to allow the fly larvae to mature. The chickens are then able to scratch for the larvae, which provide rich protein essential for nutritious eggs and muscle growth. This activity also helps spread the cow and sheep manure, enriching the soil for better plant growth.

Corn & Soy Free | Non-GMO | Antibiotic & Hormone Free

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