New Piglets!

Sonny's Farm piglets are born

Congratulations, first-time mother, Mango, on the arrival of six healthy spotted piglets! In the early hours of a warm February morning, Mango gave birth to six new piglets on our farm location in Florida.

Our farm staff was on hand to help Mango deliver her piglets, but she seemed to weather the birth process naturally and is resting comfortably and letting her new litter snuggle and feed.

First to arrive was a beautifully speckled orange and black piglet, and the litter ranges in color from a nearly pure orange to pure black, with a variety of spotted colorations in between. Our farm owner has nicknamed this most recent litter the “cheetah piglets.”

We expect to see a few additional sows give birth this month and we are delighted to see the new arrivals playing, feeding, growing, and thriving this spring.




Sonny's Farm piglets are bornSonny's Farm piglets are born
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