About White Creek Farm

White Creek Farm, Sonny's Farm in Florida, the creek with trees growing on the banks

As we saw the success of Green Oak Farm, and wanted to continue to expand our vision of building a regenerative farming movement. We found a tract of 1,300 acres in Florida that we are transforming into a natural habitat for our animals. This breathtaking, wild expanse is dotted with beautiful lakes and bisected by the creek that gives this land its name. In order to clear the dense underbrush, we first introduced our heritage hogs, which we called our worker pigs. We allowed these hogs to root and dig in new paddocks daily to provide the right amount of disruption to the local ecosystem before we began planting grazing crops for our cows and sheep.


Our dogs, Sonny and Simba roam the property, playing in the creek and running through the fields. White Creek Farm now has a growing number of cows, pigs, sheep, and chickens. In the expanding farm community, we have a hive of bees from a wild swarm on the property, pollinating our vegetable and herb garden. With this larger property, we are delighted to have a larger location to help us connect with our communities, offering a better alternative to commercially raised meats, all while enriching the soil, the lives of our animals, and your dining experience.